In addition to the minor locomotive manufacturers already presented on their own pages, there were a number of others whose products worked the industries, farms, mines, forests, and railways of Mexico. Because so little is known about most of them and their locomotives, they are merely summarized below.

Mexican builder: The firm of brothers Rafael and Luis Zetina manufactured a range of small diesel-electric locomotives and self-propelled passenger cars at their shops in Tacuba, D.F., from 1931 through perhaps 1948. No comprehensive listing of their production is known. The existence of other small Mexican builders is a possibility.

Other American builders: Small American locomotive builders Midwest and Milwaukee are known to have exported to Mexico, but records of these firms are inaccessible.

Other European builders: References to small English locomotives, singly or in groups, are scattered through the literature on Mexican industrial and railway history. Even one Belgian locomotive is reported to have labored in Baja California Sur. No attempt is made here to catalog these. Such an effort could only duplicate published works and would still be doomed to incompleteness.

Others? Probably!