About Us


MEXLIST was established on September 1, 1998. It is similar in concept to the many email groups that focus on the railways of other countries. Membership costs nothing and is open to anyone anywhere. Messages sent to MEXLIST are forwarded to all members of the group. Interesting discussions and excellent interchange of knowledge usually result. Appropriate material for the group includes news, sightings, questions, answers, preservation, history, web sites, trip reports, media reviews, re-posts from other email groups or newsgroups, etc.--anything related to the subject of Mexican railways, regardless of where it happens. The group operates primarily in the English language, but Spanish is welcome. No extensive knowledge of the subject is needed to join--just a desire to learn. The group exists to increase knowledge. Neither do you have to post messages to remain a member. It is understood that many members live where they have little access to first-hand information. Again, that is why the group exists.

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