April 20, Saturday

Again, about a thousand degrees. I got my act going by about noon, and Mary, Eliot, Verónica and I piled into the AIR CONDITONED Honda to go downtown to look for some Santos soccer jerseys and hats to bring back to the states as gifts. Here, prices were pretty reasonable--a good-quality jersey for only about $24 US, and a nice hat for $10. After this, back to the Soriana store for groceries, then home to wait out the interminable heat of day until everyone came over for Eliot's belated First Birthday party. There must've been two dozen people, friends as well as relatives, and Mary's brother in law brought a Winnie The Pooh piñata for the kids to beat into submission--which they tried, several dozen times, with no success. The thing must've been made of leather or titanium. Eliot had a good time considering the heat rash which had erupted on his face like a case of measles. At least he didn't spend this party wailing and screaming like he did the one in Fort Worth back in January. We chased everyone out by 2am. I couldn't sleep. The heat. This was becoming a pattern. But it was our last night.

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