The two main photos in this series are from the collection of MEXLIST member Earl Hajic, whose captions appear in green. If you have answers or opinions regarding any of the questions posed, please send them to Mr. Hajic.

I know that the third man from the left is my father Edward B. Hajic (who might have used the surname "Hayes"), and the fourth man from the left is his friend and business associate (in South Dakota silver mining) Arthur Lottis. They were in Mexico at the time (probably mid-to-late 1912) to be American volunteers with Pancho Villa. There is a possibility that the man on the left is Villa. Some of the other five men are less certain. I would like confirmation of the depot location (believed to be Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí) and the time frame based on any interpretation of other details shown. Note the sign "Compañía Mexicana de Express, S.A.," the inscription on machinery beyond the hand car, and the sign with the image of a lady. If someone knows the diameter of the handcar wheels, I might be able to deduce the track gauge.

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