The photos indexed below display even more of the model work of MEXLIST member Juan Viladrosa of San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí.

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A Stewart Hobbies M630 painted as FNM 718, still in the colors of former owner BCRail.


Nose detail of the same model. Note bell and lights. The prototype was built by Montreal Locomotive Works.


An FP9 from ER Models painted as NdeM 7020.


Models of two Alco diesels, an FNM PA-1 and an NdeM low-nose C-420.


Nose detail of FNM PA-1 DH-19.


NdeM 250-ton crane works a wreck behind the FP9.


A closer view of the crane. The prototype was built by American and was based at San Luis Potosí. Juan says that the fog below the locomotive's lettering is brake smoke.


Model of SCD 701 Monte Blanco, a 6-6-4 sleeper in FNM livery. The prototype was built by Pullman Standard in 1956 as UP 1212 National View.

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