This 19th-century albumin print from the collection of Juan Celorio depicts a mule-drawn flatcar on a railway in México, D.F.

Research has determined this to be the Los Morales line of the Ferrocarriles del Distrito, which existed from 1881 until 1893. It ran from the city into the valley of the Río de los Morales and to Huizachal, Estado de México.

The building is the Castillo de Chapultepec, designed in 1786 and intended to be a residence for the Viceroys. After independence, it served as a military academy, but was remodeled into a residence for the Emperor Maximilian and his wife Carlota in 1866. It housed México's heads of state until 1939, after which it became the Museo Nacional de Historia. The Acueducto de la Verónica is seen near the base of the stone hill on which the castle sits. This view is from the north.

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