The photos indexed below were sent to us by MEXLIST member Raymundo Collada of México, D.F. They were all taken on his impressive layout.

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ALCO locomotives played an important role in the dieselization of NdeM. FA-2's were among NdeM's first deisels in 1946 and were among ALCO's earliest export diesel orders. Here, FA-2 6528-A speeds passengers southward in Train 2. The engine is Proto 2000, detailed according to the prototype by José Luis Durán.


RS-11 7200 arrived in 1956. Here it is, brand-new and in the original scheme, pulling a freight in the mountains of the División Central. It is an Atlas-Kato model, painted and detailed by Juan Aguilera.


RS-11 7211 arrived in 1958 and was repainted into this beautiful new scheme of orange, and dark green in 1961. Here it works uphill with an extra. The model is an Atlas Classic, painted and detailed by Juan Aguilera.


RSD-12 7403 arrived in 1958 with C-C trucks for the light rails of NdeM branches. Here we see it in the new livery working on the downhill line to Empalme San Pablo. The model is an Atlas-Kato engine, detailed and painted, with Erasvel decals applied.


RSD-12 7454 came to NdeM in 1961, factory-painted in the new scheme. It has a low short hood, favored by crews for visibility and possibly allowed by the elimination of the steam generator. With C-C trucks, this engine is descending from San Jorge Creek. The model is an Atlas-Kato, heavily kit-bashed by José Luis Durán, then detailed and weathered by Raymundo Collada.


"C" stands for Century series, "4" is the number of axles, and "24" is for 2,400 horsepower. NdeM C-424 8128 arrived in 1964. An important spotting feature of this engine is the small, flat fuel tank. Here we see it lead a short coal train off the San Jorge Bridge. The model is an Atlas-Kato, painted by José Luis Durán, with decals from Erasmo Velazco, and with detailing and weathering by Raymundo Collada.


The mighty C-628 came in 1967. NdeM 8303 is brand-new in this scene as its long train of boxcars exits Tunnel 4. The model is a Stewart, painted and detailed by Juan Aguilera. Decals are by Erasmo Velazco.

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