The photos indexed below were sent to us by MEXLIST member Raymundo Collada of México, D.F. They were all taken on his impressive layout.

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The daily northbound "mixto" has made a water stop in the town of San Claudio. Today´s engine is from the GR-43-class NdeM 1520. The engine is a Bachmann Spectrum with Cal-Scale brass details, air-brushed weathering, and Erasvel decals. The water tank is a Campbells kit.


Here is Train 2 heading south with FP7 6328 and F7B 6320, both in the old paint scheme, crossing the San Juan Bridge. The units are Stewart-Kato models with Detail Associates parts and Erasvel decals. The brige is Micro Engineering with wire handrails, wooden walkways, and custom plaster abutments.


Train 2 meets its counterpart, northbound Train 1, with F2A 6211 and FP2A 6211-B (the steam generator having been added recently to help with increased passenger traffic). Both trains are crossing San Xavier's Creek. All four engines are Stewart-Kato, with Detail Associates parts, Kadee couplers, and Erasvel decals. The arch bridge is Faller with Micro Engineering parts, as is the lower brige, and both have cast stone abutments. The scenery is Woodlands Scenics, plaster, real dirt, gypsum rocks, and acrylic paint, weathered with chalks.


NdeM Pacific 2527 is working a local freight, its glory passenger days now gone but still in service for a few more years. Built by Baldwin in 1921, this MR-6-class locomotive still looks good. The inspiration for this model came from the book N de M in Color by Matthew J. Herson (page 19, bottom). The engine is a Sunset brass model with Cal-Scale details, Labelle engeneer, constant light, brass sheet and wire, and decals by Erasvel.


Here is NdeM RS-1 5610, an ALCO built in 1950 and restored by NdeM in the early 1960´s, popping out of Tunnel Number 4. Very far from her home yard in Puebla, she will spent some more months in the mountains before going back. This unique paint scheme was inspired again by Matt Herson's book NdeM in Color (page 27, bottom). The locomotive is an Atlas Model, with a scratch-built smokestack, canvas sunshades, constant lighting, Labelle crew, and Erasvel decals.


NdeM RS-1 5611, built in 1950 and still wearing her original paint scheme, glides downhill to Empalme San Pablo with a string of empties from the mines. Soon she will help with the switching moves at that busy junction. This is an Atlas-Kato model with Preiser engineer, wire grab irons, and Detail Associates parts, weathered with chalks and with decals by Erasvel.

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