Mr. Bill J. Battle has sent us two items from his career with the American Locomotive Company. In 1953, Mr. Battle was Field Engineering Manager for ALCO as the Ferrocarril Pacífico was ready to receive its first freight diesels, an order of RSD-5's. When Ing. José Rivera R., General Manager of the FCP visited the ALCO plant in Schenectady, New York, USA, to view the units in production, it was Mr. Battle's job to manage his visit. Afterward, Ing. Rivera insisted that Mr. Battle come to Mexico to assist with the railway's implementation program for the new diesels.

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In this color photo by Mr. Battle, we see Pacífico RSD-5 808 at Alco in Schenectady. FCP eventually owned 35 RSD-5's, numbers 801-135. Mr. Battle took a series of such photos for Ing. Rivera and kept this one for himself.


Here we see the pass issued to Mr. Battle by FCP and signed by Ing. Rivera.

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