MEXLIST member Dale De Vene has sent us these photos of his models. His own captions appear below.

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NdeM FA-2 6519 and FB-2 6519B drift downgrade at Summit on the Marion Model Railroad Club layout in Marion, Ohio, with a short freight. The units are Walthers Trainline units and the decals are from Erasmo. I would like to thank Raymundo Collada for all of his help with the decals and for answering a lot of my questions.


NdeM GP40 8045 heads up the grade into Summit on the Marion Model Railroad Club layout with a Detroit & Toledo Shore Line boxcar and an NdeM wide-vision caboose. The GP40 is an older Atlas model using Microscale decals. It is my first NdeM unit, and, with the help of the good folks at MEXLIST, I was able to get the info I needed on painting the unit. Thanks to all for your help! The caboose is an Athearn kit from the caboose set that they relelased.


NdeM 8405 and 6519/6519B meet at Summit on the Marion Model Railroad Club. These three units represent my entire NdeM fleet at this time, February 2002. Plans are to add several more units, including several more of the FA's.


FUS SD40-2 604 took 16 years to finish. Painting started in early 1986 prior to the birth of our first daughter, it then sat dormant until 2001 when the NdeM bug bit me. Decals are Microscale Railroad Gothic and applied one at a time--all 57 of them. I used some old Santa Fe decals for the yellow paint under the black stripe on the nose as well as Microscale black striping to go above and below the name on the long hood. While the project took a long time, it was worth the wait. The photo was taken on the Marion Model Railroad Club layout.

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