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MXUS Boundary Monument Number 1

BoundaryPoint was an email group for discussion of international and internal political boundaries worldwide. It was founded by Bill Hanrahan in 2000 and was active until 2007. It should not be confused with its successor BorderPoint or any other group. BoundaryPoint was hosted on Yahoo Groups, and its valuable online archives were in danger of loss in the company's 2019 deletion of uploaded content. However, Clint Kaul used his outstanding computer expertise to download the group's archives (over 20,200 messages plus files and photos) before the deletion and organized them for presentation here.

To access the archives, click the links below. The four lists serve as tables of contents with links to the materials. The Messages List (6,308 KB) shows individual messages chronologically, and the Topics List (6,326 KB) groups messages into their threads. The contents of the Files and Photos Sections are found in the Files List (15 KB) and the Photos List (44 KB). Each of the four lists is searchable using your own browser's "Find" function.

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