Special AAR Business Train Travels to Mexico

Photos by Gabriel González

Captions by Lowell McManus

Fifteen business cars representing seven North American railroads departed Laredo, Texas, on Wednesday, April 7, 1999, for a special excursion train into Mexico.

Aboard were many senior operating officers with each of the Class I railroads, all members of the Safety, Operation, and Management Committee of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), discussing important industry issues.

TFM, as the host of the excursion, powered the special train that arrived at Mexico City Buenavista Station on Friday, April 9, after stops in Monterrey and San Luis Potosí.

The executives returned to their respective cities by plane, and the train departed on Sunday, April 11 from Mexico City for Nuevo Laredo.

This was the complete consist of the special train:

Pilot engine AC4400W TFM No. 2617

Five minutes later, two engines AC4400 TFM No. 2649 and 2648 pass with coaches :

1. KCS St. Louis
2. KCSDallas
3. KCS Arthur Stillwell
4. KCS Kansas City
5. KCS New Orleans
6. UP Columbia River
7. BNSF Stevens Pass
8. IC 800413
9. IC 800210
10. TFM 400
11. FXE 6021
12. BNSF 60
13. KCS Jackson
14. CN Tawaw
15. CN Sanford Fleming

Most of these are typical business cars with bedrooms for company officials. One of the KCS cars has a large room with a large table that can be used for meeting or eating. I have the impression that one of the BNSF cars is for food service also. I think that the CN car on the end was an observation or theater car.

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